Slazenger Hockey Sticks

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Slazenger Aero Elite

Quad Core, Aero Profile, Mid Bow Using ground-breaking technological advances in the layo...
R 1 499,00

Slazenger Aero Elite Junior

Quad Core Aero Profile Mid Bow Advanced Junior Player 35" lenght
R 1 499,00

Slazenger Aero Goalie

The Slazenger Aero Goalkeeper Hockey Stick is a must have for any player stuck between the...
R 779,00

Slazenger Aero Junior

Advanced / Junior Player Twin Core Offset Handle Mid Bow 20% Carbon, 75% Fibreglass 5...
R 669,00

Slazenger Aero Pro

24mm Mid Bow Approximate 36.5" or 37,5" Weight: 550g 50% Carbon - 5% Kevlar - 45% Fibre...
R 999,00

Slazenger Aero Ultimate

Slazenger Aero Ultimate has a high carbon content for added power and strength + Quad Cor...
R 2 299,00

Slazenger Demon

Green/Yellow Pink/Purple Intermediate / Beginner Wood Graphite Glassfibre Reinforced P...
R 229,00

Slazenger Flick PINK

The Slazenger Flick Hockey Stick provides excellent performance on the pitch thanks to a w...
R 270,00